Emotionally Charged ‘Love & Isolation’ Signifies A Sonic Shift For Tay Iwar

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Unofficially dubbed ‘Nigeria’s most reclusive musician’, Tay Iwar is an artist, singer-songwriter, sound engineer, and record producer whose journey from 2014 kickstarted by his acclaimed debut EP Passport to debut album, Gemini afforded him a role as a key player in Nigeria’s ‘alté’ scene. He has earned this title time and again with just as laudable works including his partnership with Soulection, the eight-track collaborative EP alongside Le Mav, and several production credits on songs for the likes of Odunsi (The Engine), Lady Donli, Santi, and Juls to name a few. Amidst a chaotic world forced into lockdown, Tay Iwar’s inspiration did not wane but instead threw him into a productive state that materializes today into a five-track EP titled Love & Isolation, a deeply personal EP and an ode to self-healing.

Love & Isolation signifies a sonic shift for Tay towards a more romance-tinged RnB vibe, with the Aṣa-assisted opener, Yoga, a smooth, seductive slow song, perfectly encapsulating this. The release sees Iwar produce three of its five tracks, with Jeffrey Rashad and Insightful co-producing the other two and this is quite evident in the tempos the tracks take. Unlike Yoga, the ensuing track, Stones, is a more somber, heartfelt affair, as is the downbeat charm of Feel. Following that is the reflective but majestic ballad, Thinking which gives way to the earlier released Peaking to perfectly close things out with the kind of energy that typifies the EP: smooth, soulful, and emotionally driven.

A mature, contemplative release, Love & Isolation represents a new chapter in the ever-diversifying story of Tay Iwar.

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