Tay Iwar Blooms On ‘Peaking’ The Lead Single Off Forthcoming EP

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Like other artists whose resolution to the constraints that challenged their careers during the pandemic induced lockdown was to make lockdown inspired music, Tay Iwar who is also driven by his laidback persona and frankly loved because of this returns today with Peaking, the first and lead single off Love And Isolation, a five-track result of being cooped up physically, mentally and emotionally for months on end. Peaking comes after he sent the internet into rave mode when videos of himself and Aṣa hanging out surfaced on the internet and his mind-altering performance on Wizkid’s True Love.

While it’s been almost two years since Tay Iwar ventured out solo, he’s lost nothing that makes him special, not the elated feeling his smooth bass voice inspires or the calculated method to his delivery or his penchant for immersive storytelling or the meaningful signature instrumentals that give life to his songs. Peaking is an encapsulation of all these and while it borders on lethargy, the life he lives in this story is so relatable that the resulting realism adds to its flavor.

Peaking is an apt introduction to Love And Isolation, an experience we’ve all lived through, and the fusion of everything that makes it special heighten our expectations for the soon-to-be-released project.

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