Teezee Channels Trap Sound with Maison2500 And New World Ray Assisted ‘Guala’

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Exposure-driven experimentalism is the pillar of alternative music in Nigeria at the moment. While it has taken more than a decade for it to gain ground and tons of think pieces for it to be recognized, artists in this sphere have carried on and continued to push against all odds. In an unprecedented move, The Headies nominated DRB’s Pioneer album as Best Alternative Album, in the last round of the annual event, a recognition that speaks to the shift in culture. The group of Teezee, Fresh L, and BOJ inadvertently bore the strain of being pioneers by setting out in the early ’10s on their own and with the extent to which the industry has grown, Teezee branches out on his own, solo following his laudable run in 2013 on the generically titled Mixtape. He kickstarts this journey with Guala featuring fellow industry like-minds including Maison2500 and New World Ray.

With its hallucinogenic infusions introduced by reverberating keys produced by Genio Bambino, Guala is a hybrid trap, a break from the norm for Teezee who delivers classic Hip hop style on his collaborations with his group, but, just within the acceptable range for Maison2500 and New World Ray who are used to treading similar paths.

As is the norm for songs like this, the trio’s narrative is spunky, filled with tons of Western-ish influences but also rife with adjectives that allude to their roots in Afro-pop culture. Experienced and knowledgeable enough, they delve into foreign planes but with confidence and vim for their desires.