Tems Heralds Sophomore EP With Slow Burner ‘Crazy Tings’

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Tems has come a long way since Mr Rebel. Now the girl of the moment, with affiliations stronger than her menacing outlook in the breakout hit, Try Me, changes are expected and they have come in many ways but two things are still constant with the sultry vocal singer, her stirring voice and ability to emote higher and stronger than the sturdy personas that are usually the muses for fan-favorite singles like Try Me of course, The Key and the just-released Crazy Tings, a single that comes on the eve of what’s likely to become cross-continental relevance.

Tems loves a good empowerment story and the lushness of accompanying sounds that have come to typify this subgenre she has created for herself and the Guiltybeatz produced Crazy Tings is no different from the usual, with the exception of the refreshing aura from her recent accomplishments that backs her words and provides an air of confidence about her when she launches into her fierce girl narrative.

The epiphany that serves as the foundation for Crazy Tings is perhaps stronger and brighter than the dense drums that punctuate Tems’s words. She assumes a very calm demeanor despite the heaviness of the realization that prompts her words, perhaps a ploy to cushion the laidback nature of the single but this juxtaposition makes room for an even deeper experience that helps us appreciate Tems’s growth.