Terri’s Debut Project ‘Afro Series’ Is A Delicious Take on Afro Pop

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Terri’s come up and entire artistry is deeply rooted in his affiliation to Wizkid’s Starboy label and oftentimes, the singer is hailed as a protege and dead ringer of the becoming legend even though the duo barely have enough collaborations for a mix and match and the former has proven his uniqueness severally in the past with singles like On Me. However, in a predictable move delivered this month, he shares his debut project, Afro Series; a seven-track claim to an organically and uniquely derived persona that is likely to push him to coveted heights.

From start; the Jazzy Afrobeat leaning Wake Up, to finish, the Pipe-y percussion-driven Kill Man, Afro Series is a lithe mix of trendy subjects and organic magnetic sounds capable of inspiring different emotions and movements.

What begins as a slow burner slowly turns into an uplifting, mind-altering experience powered by Terri’s strong possession of silvery vocals coupled with his impressive ability to snake through alluring instrumentals; perhaps the major reason he’s constantly likened to Wizkid.

Despite several similarities to Wiz, Terri, and his Afro Series; a delicious take on Afrobeat, is a new approach to Afrobeat’s current brand and we couldn’t be more grateful for the diversification.


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