Watch The Dramatic Video For Terri’s ‘Kill Man’

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A few years prior to this, Starboy Record’s Terri was lurking in his label head, Wizkid’s shadow due to the similarities in their artistries. This year, the former sought to carve his own niche by way of a debut album loud enough to announce his re-arrival as a solo act equipped with the makings of a superstar by his own hand. On the seven track project is Kill Man, a mid-tempo ode to a muse whose stronghold on him is worth this Afro-jazz-driven performance. This week, he shares the video for the song as his final take on 2020.

Directed by WG Films, the video follows a dramatic plot that casts Terri in a light we’ve never witnessed before. Just as open and honest as he is in his confession, is the same way the character he adopts in the video is, going to lengths to prove his feelings while heightening the suspense that adds flavor to the video.

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