$tevoxcv Kicks Off His Summer With Feel Good David Meli-Assisted Hypnotized

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London-based Nigerian artist, $tevoxcv, who benefits from the rich musical cultures of London and Lagos, has a diverse sound that ranges from hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeat, all genres of music he grew up consuming. The influence of stalwarts of these genres helped shape his artistry and form his own distinct style of rap and since the release of his debut mixtape, Untold Stories, he has been perfecting this sound. He digs his feet further in the sand today with the David Melli-assisted Hypnotized, a single that bridges the gap between the pre-Untold Stories $tevoxcv and the one with an eye on the prize.

Many things can be said about growth in the music industry this year, but one thing that stands out is how rap songs have taken the lead as regards soundtracking summer and it’s on this note that $tevoxcv shares Hypnotized. The artistic instinct to keep his art as original and earthly leads to him tap David Melli for the hook, cementing it as a feel-good song.

On the making of the BeatzbyDB single, $tevoxcv said:

“I made the conscious effort to change my musical focus, while still maintaining my hip hop background. Being Nigerian originally, it is expected that my core fan base would be from Nigeria. This was why I made the decision to make music that can resonate with my Nigerian audience. Hypnotized is a summertime type song and as soon we finished working on it, knew we had made something dope!”

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