20-year record broken by Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan at 2019’s African Games

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Since the start of the African Games in Morocco this year, Nigerian athletes have displayed great strength and excellence in a number of sports—taking a total of 64 medals so far in the games, currently ranking Nigeria as 4th on the Medals table.

Continuing the streak excellence, Nigerian competitor Tobi Amusan is an upcoming Star in the world of track and field. The athlete started her winning streak by taking home a gold medal in the 100 meters race at the 2018 commonwealth games. This year, Amusan made history, breaking the 20-year record in the 100 meter hurdles — a race she completed in 12.68 seconds, 6 seconds faster than the previous record holder, Nigerian, Gloria Alozie, who finished the race in 12.74 seconds at the 1999 edition of the African Games.

Amusan continues to train in preparation for the Diamond games with hopes of pushing Nigeria up the ladder of success in sports.

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