The Art Summit Nigeria is back like it never left

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There has been a recent outburst of interest in art and technology across Nigeria portrayed by an increasing number of art shows, exhibitions and tech start-up companies.
This October, the second iteration of Art Summit Nigeria hopes to create a seamless blend of both art and technology that opens up conversations about the future of Africa’s creative industry. It will feature a wide range of social actors, a conference, panel talks, experiential exhibitions and workshops.
This year’s theme, The Future of Art: Is Collaboration, will provide insight into the transformative role that artistic collaborations play in expanding and creating opportunities for the art industry to thrive.
The event is slated to run from the 30th to the 31st October at Queens Park Event Center, Lagos. Attendance is free, however, registration is required.
To register check here.
The Future Of Art: Is Collaboration.


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