The Cavemen. Are Sturdy And Self Assured On ‘Who No KNow Go Know’

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Fresh off the release of the video for Beautiful Rain, a mood and attitude defining depiction of the standout of their acclaimed debut, Roots, brother duo and pioneers of some sort, The Cavemen., are back today with the highly anticipated Who No Know Go Know, a befitting precursor to their upcoming live show, the icing on the cake of all the shows they have had this year.

Produced by the brothers themselves, Who No Know Go Know, as its title suggests is a braggadocious sequel to the elevated lifestyle their groundbreaking mix of Highlife and other experimental sounds has afforded them. With the brothers, what once sounded like the past is now a futuristic version their listeners cannot get enough of, and WNKGN, an abbreviation of the single’s title tells us exactly what their plans are saturation and dominance.

As is the norm for The Cavemen., WNKGN is built on live percussions and acoustics, strong enough to evoke the feelings that guide them on journies like this.

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