The Never-Ending Cycle: Removing Repeat Work From Your Business

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No one likes to do the same job more than once. It can be very frustrating to find yourself having to repeat work, following the same steps you’ve followed in the past, and ultimately eating time which could be used for new jobs. It’s surprisingly common to find companies doing the same jobs over and over again, with some employees spending all of their time at work handling the same tasks. Of course, in some cases, this is simply unavoidable, though there are plenty of instances where it doesn’t have to be this way. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the techy tools which can be used to remove repetitive work from your business.



Most businesses have to keep in contact with the customers, clients, and other businesses. There are a number of ways to handle communication between groups like this, though documents tend to be one of the best ways to convey large amounts of information without having to contact people directly. Invoices are a great example of this, giving you a document which can show people how much they owe you, without you having to ask them for the money directly.

Making a new invoice for each of your orders or clients would take a very long time. Documents like this tend to be fairly complex, and you will need to include all of the right data for your accounting and admin teams to deal with. It’s easy to make mistakes when things like invoices have to be made again and again, and this is why templates are used for some business documents; they make it easier to ensure that all of the right information is being conveyed. There are a lot of template services around the web, and they can all be extremely helpful when you’re going through this process.


Data Entry

Data entry has long been one of the least-desirable jobs in the modern world, with people associating this role with repetition and boredom. While it is a shame that people aren’t needed for these roles anymore, there are few reasons for a business to use manual data entry in the digital age. Instead, you can automate this process, and a lot of this work can be handled by your website.

For example, many companies take telephone, fax, and postal orders from their clients. Each of these methods will involve some sort of manual data entry along the way, as the data won’t be stored in a digital format from the very beginning. In 2020, there isn’t really a reason to take orders like this, though. Instead, if you restrict your orders to online and over the phone, you can ensure that as little manual data entry as possible has to be done. With a system like this in place, you need only check that data is being automated correctly.



As the internet has developed, the field of marketing has only become more and more important to businesses. Many companies rely on their marketing teams to bring customers through their doors, and it would be impossible to make sales without it. Of course, though, posting on social media each day, working to make sure that your SEO is on point, and managing your PPC adverts can take a huge amount of time, with many of the jobs you’re doing being the same as the day before.

Services like Later and Hootsuite are extremely powerful, giving you the chance to automate your marketing to the point that you need only spend a day or two each month on it. Alongside this, you may also want to look at options which can help with SEO, like SEObility. There are countless services and tools around the web which are designed to make marketing into a thing of the past, and you can quickly make back the money you spend on them with the time you save as a result.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of removing repetitive work from your business. Many companies spend vast sums of money on doing the same jobs over and over again, even when they have plenty of tools available which can help them to avoid this. Of course, though, as time goes on, this is only going to get easier to overcome, and you can expect to see more tools and services which are designed to make your business run smoother.

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