The Satchel is an animated take on the Yoruba Myth of Creation

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It is common in different cultures and subsets to find stories adapted in a manner that will make sense to those from those cultures. Per the Yoruba myth of creation;

In the beginning, the universe consisted only of the sky, the water, and the wild. The God, Obatala believed that the world needed more. Thus, he approached Olorun, ruler of the sky and creator of the sun, asking for permission to create mountains, valleys, forests, and fields. Olorun grants Obatala permission to create solid land on Earth.

In this vein, a drama-filled 3D animated short film built on the foundation will make interesting viewing upon its release in December. Centered around the deities and sons of Olodumare (the supreme being): Obatala and Oduduwa, who battle it out for the power to create a kingdom using an all-powerful Satchel.

Directed by all-round creative artist, Nissi Ogulu, the story seeks to tell us what happens to the satchel from the moment it is presented to Obatala to how it ends up with Oduduwa. A joint venture between Creele Animation Studios and Taeps Animation Studios, the film was produced by Nissi Ogulu, Adeoyin Okuboyejo, Ayobami Bello, and Jimi Oremule

Watch the trailer below;

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