The Top 10 Footballers of 2014 #7: Diego Costa

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Diego Costa

After being in the shadow of strikers like Falcao, Aguero and Diego Forlan, Costa finally took center stage and took Atletico to a stage none of those players reached. He finished 3rd highest goal scorer in La Liga as Diego Simeone’s side fianlly broke the Madrid-Barcelona duopoly. Costa was also vital in Atletico Madrid coming so close to claiming an unlikely Champions League Triumph over their neighbors. His persistent hamstring injuries robbing him of a credible shot at glory in the Champions League final. This was followed by a disastrous World Cup where his adopted country and defending champions, Spain found themselves struggling. This all going on whilst the Brazilian fans booed him endlessly for what they saw as his decision to abandon his true origins.

His purchase for 32 million euros to Chelsea was viewed in a different light after the World Cup failure:  Questions were raised over his ability to perform as a suitable 9 at a big team and there were also suggestions that he was a one season wonder.  Costa got off to a blistering start and scored a hat trick in his fourth game against Swansea.  His good form has been one of the key factors in Chelsea’s early season success.

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