Tim Lyre’s Musicality Is On Full Display On Sound Sprawling ‘Real’

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Building a growing fanbase in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, Tim Lyre has been an integral part of the alté renaissance and has consistently churned out top-tier alternative Afro-influenced music, including his acclaimed last EP, Senpai. His anticipated debut album, Worry < finds Lyre attempting to flex his musicality across neo-soul, afrobeat, downtempo, and trip-hop in an incredible new direction for afro-fusion music. To lead the way and provide fans with a taste of the album, he shares Real.

On Real, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer spare no use of his poetry skills as he puts pen to rhythm and carries through a slow but intentional use of distinct instruments to achieve a dynamic bop with a soulful backdrop. In his own words:

Real is a song about the emotional nuances between two people in a relationship or situation-ship as it were. It’s an attempt to say all the things typically left unsaid.”