Tiwa Savage and Brandy Celebrate Black Love In Video For ‘Somebody’s Son’

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With social media, virality these days is guaranteed for anyone wielding the right materials to build character and status prevalent content. Music is advantageous when it comes to virality and in recent years, musicians have not failed to utilize their hit-making abilities. Recently, Tiwa Savage was able to achieve this with Somebody’s Son, a track off her latest five-track EP, Water & Garri, in spite of the less than reception all other tracks received. Perhaps a thing of Brandy’s luxurious contribution or it’s questionable but on a large scale, relatable lyrics, but its chorus has been on everyone’s lips and with an even more charming video, now thrown in the mix, the track is guaranteed months-long relevance.

Nothing sparks romantic feelings better than a good old love story tracking its subject’s journeys from start to finish and with Meji Alabi’s help, Tiwa Savage does just this in this heartwarming and earth-toned depiction of the anthemic expository that is Somebody’s Son.

Joined by Brandy, Tiwa Savage attempts to reel in as many emotions as she expresses leveraging very neutral tones that support the video’s nod to black love.

More than anything, the video is a charming chronicle of the intersection between black love and pop culture.