Tochi Onyebuchi Discusses Biafra War Inspired Novel ‘War Girls’ on Breakfast Club

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The Biafra war is an important piece of Nigerian history and has helped inspire a range of literature which serve different purposes but ultimately and most importantly, assist in the documentation of  Nigerian history for future generations.

Nigerian-American writer, Tochi Onyebuchi whose typical work is centered in the Fantasy genre was recently on 105.1 FM’s Breakfast Club show where he spoke about his book, War Girls, a futuristic take on the Biafra war, his life in writing and the importance of his heritage.

The Amazon blurb for War Girls describes it as;

Two sisters are torn apart by war and must fight their way back to each other in a futuristic, Black Panther-inspired Nigeria.

The year is 2172. Climate change and nuclear disasters have rendered much of earth unlivable. Only the lucky ones have escaped to space colonies in the sky.

In a war-torn Nigeria, battles are fought using flying, deadly mechs and soldiers are outfitted with bionic limbs and artificial organs meant to protect them from the harsh, radiation-heavy climate. Across the nation, as the years-long civil war wages on, survival becomes the only way of life.

Two sisters, Onyii and Ify, dream of more. Their lives have been marked by violence and political unrest. Still, they dream of peace, of hope, of a future together.

And they’re willing to fight an entire war to get there.

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