Tolulope Ajayi Captures Effects of Illiteracy In Nigeria In Etisalat Prize Entry

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I watched Closed at 4am, huddled in my bed, unsure of what to expect. By the time the short film had ended, I was left with a feeling of warmth and sadness. Ajayi captures the effects of illiteracy in Nigeria perfectly, raising awareness for the lack of opportunities suffered by many. His short film for the Etisalat Prize for Literature follows the journey of a young man, and his resolve to learn. Ajayi encompasses the theme of literature showing it in every aspect of the film and he does so perfectly. The world becomes so much clearer, literally. Signs and symbols often blurred or unreadable becomes words that we, the audience can read alongside the protagonist. There is a feeling of pure elation we, as viewers feel at the end and it is second to none.


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