Top 5 Tech Careers You Can Explore In The Music Industry

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Esther Akpovi 

Advancements in technology have led to monumental shifts in many aspects of the music industry. From streaming services and superstars created off social media to the creation of new jobs and career paths, technology continues to change and disrupt the music sector. These new jobs are creating more opportunities, in particular, for the young generation. Here are five tech careers to watch out for;

Metadata Repairman

If you want to get paid or receive credit for your work, you need to make sure the metadata is properly submitted. Although there are new solutions being introduced, there are always going to be submission mistakes, and someone has to fix them, and that’s where the job comes in handy as a career.

Royalties Miner

Although there are many attempts to streamline the process, digital royalties are a morass of different variables that change from platform to platform and country to country. The royalties miner will have the expertise to know where to look for those lost royalties without having to use a professional and expensive auditor.

Hologram Developer

Many thought it was creepy at first, but now holograms of our favourite artists from the past are in demand and will be even more in the future. It’s easier said than done though, and a new kind of specialist is required.

Playlist Scientist

If you’re not aware of it by now, you should be — playlists are the key to success on any streaming network. That means there’s an opening for a specialist that covers all platforms.

Discord Manager

The discord manager’s responsibility might vary but the overall role is to ensure that their Discord server is a safe, healthy environment for every member. They can moderate or delete messages as well as invite, ban or suspend people who violate the server’s rules.

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