Confidence is above Cloud Nine on Traplanta and Odunsi’s ‘Own That’

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Confidence is On Cloud Nine on Traplanta x Odunsi's 'Own That'

In Nigeria, confidence is often misconstrued as an absence of humility. Most times, the expectation is that one shouldn’t acknowledge their achievements or the heights they’ve reached in public. With American sensibilities, it’s no surprise the Traplanta Army’s latest release, Own That, strays from what you’ve probably come to expect from Nigerian musicians as it in no shape or form subscribes to Nigerian notions of humility.

Confidence is sky high from the jump as Odunsi The Engine takes charge of the hook likening the morning he’s having to Michael Jordan who personified nerve as an athlete. The aura is infectious as Section enters the fray with the opening verse requesting the knockoffs quit jacking his sauce. On the second verse, OBA is on high guard about love dismissing the topic with the suggestion that love is cheap. On the final verse, Kash drops basketball references and comes for the clones as you’d expect.

Own That is another testament of Odunsi’s range as a musical mind as he joins the trappers from Traplanta for a record you couldn’t have envisaged. Own That is for big ballers by big ballers.

Featured Image Courtesy of Alex Okome.

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