Listen to Traplanta’s Two New Singles ‘Hollywood’ and ‘London Town’ Featuring $ODAMAN

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Building on the release of April effort, Revenge, Traplanta return with two new singles, Hollywood and London Town ahead of the collective’s next body of work.

The two singles are indicative of the range and versatility of talent between the trio. On Hollywood, the more laidback of the two efforts, largely as a result of OBA’s place on the hook, we hear high notes on an interesting chorus that quickly touches on OBA’s dealings with a number of women during a substance-assisted night. KA$H shares a verse that picks up where OBA ends and reflects on looking ahead to now living his dream.

With $odaman taking center stage on London Town, it’s almost expected that it be the more explosive of the two singles. Joined by KA$H and Folabi Xan, we learn about engagements with one-of-a-kind love interests in and from London.

Two songs that take two very different approaches to what are similar stories. Listen now.


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