Twitch 4EVA Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On Emotive Debut EP ‘Lost’

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Bolstered by millions over streams on the world’s leading streaming platforms, a cultlike fanbase at his beck and call, nods from some of Africa’s biggest publications as well as the positive reception gotten from the project’s lead single, Baby, Ghanaian soul train driver, Twitch 4EVA  who is driven by his unique and expansive sound, which he describes as Coastal Music shares his debut EP, Lost, this month. About a week ago, he disclosed to the people at Nataal that he neither believes the world is straightforward nor is there is a formula for life, a phenomenon that forms the basis of the relationship catalyst that is the short but sweet four-track EP.

Revered for his sweet blend of Afrobeat, RnB, and pop music, Twitch 4EVA, winds down an emotive path inspired by his experience with relationships and powered by his excellent vocal prowess, captivating delivery, and creative songwriting skills that come together with an exemplary result of making the most of intriguing life situations.

From the entreating opener, Distance, Twitch 4EVA’s emotions and talent is put on display to reveal his sonic stance and prowess. More of this is unveiled on tracks like Chaskele, a rhythmic ode to childhood games.

Twitch 4EVA is primarily driven by his emotions and what better to debut than on a host of tracks that reflect the state of his mind and detail his journey so far. Lost is the perfect narrative of a lover-boy whose love language is emotive expressions.