Twitch 4EVA And Oxlade Team Up Against Unrequited Love On ‘Chaskele’ Remix

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After releasing his debut EP Lost in 2020, fans have grown into the project, all sporting personal favorites top on the list of which is Chaskele, which got treated to a video in November 2020. Months on but Twitch 4EVA opts to start 2021 with a remix for the song.

Produced by Rayf, the originally alluring song now breathes a new verse from Nigeria’s Oxlade, whose smooth vocals help in adding more depth to the track’s meaning. Both empowered with mesmeric vocals, Twitch 4EVA and Oxlade go above and beyond in harmonizing and defending their hearts against heartbreak. A match made for each other, the pairing complements their individual superpowers and make Chaskele an even better sonic experience than it was before.


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