Vector And GoodGirl LA Connect on ‘Early Momo’

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Vector is neither one for corny displays of emotions nor one who panders to the norm but on his latest, Early Momo, he’s blown in Cupid’s direction but being who he is, he delivers an eclectic spin on relationships and bristling emotions on Early Momo on which he leans on GoodGirl LA’s masc but sultry energy radiating from her deep vocals and the raw honesty behind her performances.

An anti-climactic story, Early Momo’s appeal in the sweet exchange of words between Vector and GoodGirl LA and the way they hand over the reins to each with ease. There’s also power in their smooth delivery and the way their words bounce off Mr Klebb’s tempered percussions.

The duo is absolutely raw and real on Early Momo and despite the single being a deviation from the norm for them, they manage to let their individuality shine through.