Victor Collins And MisterKay Rediscover Passion On ‘Lust & Emotions’

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Following the release of their first collaboration titled Fucking Tired, an ode to the lives lost at the Lekki Toll Gate shooting during the #ENDSARS protest in October 2020, Victor Collins and MisterKay, who only met at the heat of the protest in Lagos reunite to tackle the diverse subject of love and lust on their debut EP as a duo, Lust & Emotions, having recognized the profitability of their partnership and the quality of music it yields.

The five-track EP is a fifteen-minute long trip into a world that highlights the disparity between love and lust on tracks the earlier released, 10pm in Lekki, Belly Dancer, and LTF. While the soul-searing lyricism which addresses love is prime on the likes of Desire and Wishlist.

There’s no doubt that the EP doesn’t shy away from the brutal passion and the electricity it sets off. Lust & Emotions speak to your heart while empowering your body and mind to move uncontrollably.

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