Video: Music 360 – Dr Dre’s Compton Album Review

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Dr Dre- Compton

When it comes to music legends, it does not get bigger than the man known as Andre Young known worldwide as Dr. Dre.
After an illustrious career which some will tag as ‘unbelievable’, the legendary music producer Dr. Dre has signalled the end of his recording career with the release of the album ‘Compton’ which is the soundtrack to the N.W.A biopic.
The album comes as a surprise to many because Dr. Dre has been working ‘Detox’ for over a decade which was meant to be his final album. Detox never came out. Compton was released instead.
On this episode of Music 360, Ayomide Tayo breaks down the last album from Hip-Hop’s greatest producer.

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