Vogue follows Burna Boy for 24 Hours

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Burna Boy’s on a run following the release of his latest album Twice As Tall. As a result of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, the artist spent the last 5 months in the country- the longest span of time in the last 3 years. As the world gears up to the new normal, we watch him go through the motions of his last day ahead of a trip to London for the next gear of promotion for the album and to film a late-night performance for Jimmy Fallon.

Over the course of the video, we watch Burna get a fix of his vintage Burna Boy Space Puffs and warm water- the necessary balance after a heavy meal from the night before. He gets a trim and offers a tour of his house. He then runs through a quick home photoshoot before hopping on a flight to London.

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