Walshy Fire Taps Terri And Cloud Beats On Summer Starter ‘Right Here’

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Walshy Fire still has his feet firmly planted in Nigeria’s pool of musical talents even following a myriad of collaborations with a range of artists both as an individual and as a member of Major Lazer. This month, following a hiatus taken from Afropop-inspired music, he finds his way back, pitching his tent with Starboy’s Terri on Right Here. The dynamic duo is assisted by Cloud Beats.

Right Here is typical Walshy Fire, tropical percussions and springy synth keys, except this time, Terri’s influence, bordering on his soft vocals and reservoir of engaging street lingo, gives it a different flavor, one that while it serves as energy to charge listeners, it throws you into your feelings with this eclectic combination.

Right Here is proof that Walshy Fire is just not done with this part of the world and with his alliance with Terri proving to be successful, he might be returning soon.


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