Wami Aluko Explores Impact of Nigerian Music Through Creators in Debut Documentary

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Wami Aluko

In the early months of 2017 when we spoke about young girl photographers who had the juice, Wami Aluko’s name made the cut. Over the course of the year, the 19 year old reintroduced herself with her debut fashion film, Neogenesis while she continued to churn out the pictures through photo series like ADÉ, COLOUR CODED and JIGSAW to name a few. Aluko continues to live up to her self-proclaimed title of story teller through the arts as she releases her debut documentary, For Those Who Listen.

Despite a relatively short run time of 33 minutes, Aluko manages to elicit the emotions that go into creation and consumption of music and the branding behind it from an array of artists. She does a good job juxtaposing the points of view of more established artists like Amarachi Nwosu, DJ Femo, Mr Eazi, Lady Donli and Odunsi The Engine with those of artists who are yet to achieve as much success. She also converses with artists of different forms on the impact music has on their art which expands the conversation.

A great debut documentary that’ll definitely leave you anticipating the next release from Wami.