Wami Aluko’s Neogenesis combines sharp visuals and focused images to depict different tales

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Wami Aluko Neogenesis

Nick Knight, founder of Showstudio says garments are meant to be seen in motion. Fashion films then, are one of the best ways to depict that, as seen in 19 year old Wami Aluko’s Neogenesis. She describes herself as a story-teller through the arts. Neogenesis takes viewers on a journey through images of a young model portrayed in different outfits in different lights. But it goes beyond this. Aluko herself has stated the importance of clothing in everyday life and the stories behind them. They go beyond necessity, serving as means of self-expression as styled in her video. The short film features Stephanie Amata, co-founder of A’naala, a platform that aims to celebrate (and discover) the creative arts. Neogenesis combines sharp visuals with epic backgrounds, fast-paced and focused images with the intention to depict different tales as emphasised through Amata.

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