Wayne Snow’s Album Precursor ‘Nina’ Is A Potent And Heady Ode To Joy

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There’s nothing cold about Wayne Snow’s music. The Nigerian-born neo-soul artist has been channeling the sun-kissed, soulful vibes of his homeland ever since his first childhood encounter with a synthesizer. Now based in Berlin, Snow has been spreading warmth and his unique creative vision across the globe together with Roche Musique and highly acclaimed collaborators such as FKJ, Darius, Max Graef, and Glenn Astro. And following on from the warm, sultry Seventy, he shares Nina, the second single taken from his upcoming album Figurine, his most ambitious project slated for a late September release.

Cool, studied, and beautifully poised, Nina is a captivating listen that blends alternative pop and neo-funk. Gentle, delicate synths meander around a crisp beat, creating a graceful, euphoric vibe that’s carried over to the accompanying video, two figures, innocent and pure, losing themselves to dance.

All this is a potent, heady mix, and speaks to the rich history of black art as a vital, jubilant force, one that uses physical expression and movement to make sense of life. “Nina is quite simply the child in each one of us, who we call upon in difficult times,” says Snow, “Like a modern-day Mr. Bojangles, she dances to forget herself in a whirlwind of joy.

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