We Could See LeBron James in the NBA Africa Game Pretty Soon

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The NBA Africa game recently went to Johannesburg, South Africa for the third year in a row. Also for the third year in a row, Team World came away with a win despite an inspired effort by Joel Embiid to lead Team Africa to victory. Losing 96-92, it was a keenly fought battle against some of the NBA’s less known talents however, in the build up to the game, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver touched on the LeBron James’ interest to participate in the game in the future and apparently making it a priority. Silver said:

Both Amadou (Gallo Fall, NBA managing director for Africa) and I have spoken directly to LeBron James and he has stated that he would very much like to come to Africa and be part of the game,” said the NBA Commissioner. “I will say on his behalf that he has an extraordinarily complicated schedule, even in the off-season, and he is someone who for the last eight years has played in the NBA finals.

So his season has gone from September to late June, so he has a very short break. During those summers he also often plays for the national team, Olympic Games, things like that. I know it’s high on his list of priorities. I don’t want to put undue pressure on him, but I’m sure that at some point he will make the trip.


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