What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

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Building your own business and becoming a successful entrepreneur is a goal many people harbor. More often than not, taking that first step to becoming your own boss is much harder than actually doing the work you want to be doing. Why? Because a lack of secure income and the safety net of someone else taking the fall if it fails is a much more attractive option.

But what if it doesn’t fail? If you have a viable business idea that you can bring to the market and offer consumers, it is worth taking the risk and making sure you can hit the ground running and succeed in your new venture. So what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?


this means you need to be constantly willing to seek new avenues for opportunities to expand what you do and know where new leads are to maximize visibility and sales. In very few cases, do clients flock to a new venture without an aggressive marketing or outreach campaign, so having the tenacity to hit your goals and never give up, much like Andrew Perry of UBS, will pay to serve you well as an entrepreneur.


Your communication skills need to be on point if you are going to be your own boss. Being your own spokesperson, cheerleader, marketer, and everything else rolled into one means many meetings and engaging with others. Being able to command the attention of a room when you enter for meetings and convey yourself clearly to clients, employees, peers, and so on is a stand-out skill all successful entrepreneurs have.

Willingness to Learn

You can never really know everything. New business practices, ideas, and innovations are always coming to the forefront in an ever changing world. Having your finger on the pulse and knowing what is going on, learning new skills, and indulging in learning different knowledge, skills, or tricks are vital. 

The last thing you want to happen is to become obsolete due to an advancement in your sector or your competition doing what you do but better. Being willing to learn and continuing on your education journey will give you a leg up and boost your resume for the future.

Solid Strategy

There are very companies that took off on a whim, and while this type of success story is a great booster for new entrepreneurs, the most successful people with longevity to their careers will tell you that you need a successful business strategy to help get them up and running and to see them through brought periods and various changes as they grow the business.

Being able to assess the market and carefully develop your business strategy and your product or services offered is a skill that will give you a good foundation for starting your business. 

Knowing your industry, developing contacts, building relationships, and honing your sales skills are all great aspects that can form your business plan and are qualities you need when forging ahead with a new company as an entrepreneur.


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