Wills Sets Off Tropical Vibes On Dancehall Inspired Latest ‘Hold Something’

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Oyo State, Ibadan native, Wills has his influences rooted in a range of musicians who share no sound boundaries. From Burna Boy to JHus and Nasty C, the rapper meets singer, draws inspiration, this is most likely why his sound is considered by himself and many others as eccentric. His last single, Cruise relied heavily on disparate sounds which when sewn together by his narrative and soft articulation, made meaning. In the same vein, he returns today completely immersed in this phenomenon on another sound vast single titled Hold Something.

Despite his lack of allegiance to one genre, Hold Something is hinged on the tropical elements that rule summer sounds and in line with this, takes roots in Dancehall. The low but calm, Caribbean vibe set off by the resonant synths and galvanic drums signature to Dancehall music, coupled with Wills’s suave delivery littered with clever quips makes for the mood lifter he envisioned it to be.

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