Winners and Losers Vol.1- 21st- 27th January

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Zlatan– The trendiest thing in Nigeria’s music climate right now. Two videos with two of the heaviest weights possible. Finding staying power is the next challenge.

Andela– One of the standout players of the tech scene made a play that encapsulates how far it has come and how far it will go.

Black People

Watching the Hulu and Netflix documentaries surrounding the scam that was Fyre Festival, it was a bit of a pleasure seeing only one face from our community (Ja Rule aside) falling for and being complicit in the scam. 


Prof. Yemi Osinbajo- Professor Pastor has been one of the few people whose reputation has been enhanced under President Buhari’s reign. He’s also surely the most memorable deputy in Nigerian public life in my lifetime. Over the course of this term, people have excused Professor Pastor when seeking to make sense of the mess we’re facing. However, as he has had to essentially take on the role of campaigning and the increased visibility and scrutiny that comes with that, the mask has fallen off. There are certain things/events that stipulate that men of principle and honor take a stand. These things are legacy definers. The Onnoghen issue was one of such and President Buhari’s admission of his disregard for the rule of law is an indictment on his learned and surely knows better Vice. He failed the litmus test and for that, history will be most unkind to him. 

Aunty Oby- For someone who was perceived as being disingenuous in her pursuit of the Presidency, the events of the last week didn’t do her any favors. In retreating so close to Election Day, she undermined both her campaign and the coalition she’s pursuing. That said, a lot of the comments made in wake of her announcement crossed the line. She’ll be back, though. 

Donald J. Trump– The President who told his people they were going to get tired of winning took a Nancy Pelosi shaped L  in his pursuit of the wall. 

Jose Mourinho– Every passing week confirms what we knew: his sell by date has long gone

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