Watch The Animated Video For Wurld And Sarz’s ‘Focus’

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Wurld and Sarz have not fully fulfilled purpose with their debut project, I Love Girls With Trobul as the tasteful eight-track EP is still making rounds in the world. This week, in a bid to improve its elasticity and visualize their heady narratives, they share an animated video for Focus, a fan-favorite track off the EP.

Opening with a scene of a blue-haired character that clearly represents Wurld, Vizuvlgvds’ interesting and whimsical animation comes to life. The motion media maverick takes us through a plethora of scenes that cast Wurld as a lover desperate for the attention of his muse. Sarz plays the role of a wingman who tries to set Wurld on the right path, albeit unsuccessfully.

Considering the current movement constraints, animations are the go-to for artists seeking to visualize their songs this season and while Wurld and Sarz previously set a standard for themselves and others like them with retro melodramatic videos, their lockdown inspired video doesn’t fall short of their high standards.

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