Wurld’s ‘Paranoid’ Video is a visual masterpiece.

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With the release of his debut album, Love Is Contagious, Wurld has fully stepped into uncharted waters and still wielding his non-conformist persona to tackle the demands of the industry and his listeners, the unboxable Singer takes the dramatic route in the video for Paranoid, one of his biggest singles till date and a standout from his debut album.

The Samuel J. Roberts directed Video follows the plot of the narrative – which alludes to a chaotic relationship – that Wurld articulates in the song. The dense Guitars, Flutes and Snares that give off ominous vibes are brought to life as against naturalistic, mood-inducing landscape backdrops, Wurld and his muse portray the chaos in their lives with elements that fit the psychedelic theme of the song.

Paranoid is a masterpiece that projects Wurld’s mind-blowing talent and creative style and in more ways than one, he continues to impress us.


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