Youth Party Wants To Build A Bold Revenue Plan for Nigeria

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In the midst of everything going on in the world, it might have gone under the radar but Nigeria is a country in the middle of a fiscal crisis. With foreign reserves low, perennially low tax receipts, a growing population and oil prices at fairly low levels, the Nigerian government’s plan for 2020 was to borrow $22.7b to fund “infrastructure” and keep the party going. A series of global calamities have put a pause to those plans and once again revealed the fragility and lack of robustness of the country’s financial situation.

It is in light of these realities that the Youth Party, a political party intent on infusing the Nigerian political landscape with new ideas and approaches is hosting a panel conversation to act as a platform for the exchange of ideas. It has also released a paper titled A Bold Revenue Plan for Nigeria. The plan contains a number of pragmatic, economically sound and well-thought-out ideas for solving, or at the very least ameliorating Nigeria’s revenue challenge.

The plan will be presented to the public on Sunday 22nd March, 2020 at the Lagos’ Civic Center.

The event will feature discussions of our paper and Nigeria’s revenue challenge by experts from a range of political leanings and professional expertise including Micheal Famoroti, Chief Economist, Stears Data; Akintunde Oyebode, SA investment, Trade & Innovation, Ekiti State; Seun Onigbinde, Director BudgIT Foundation; Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani, Senior Adviser SSA, The Danish Investment Fund; and Francis Akinlotan, Trustee, Youth Party.

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Read the plan below;



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