Get Familiar With ZeXzy’s Forthcoming Debut EP ‘Na Who’

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These days, Nigeria’s music industry is churning new artists as fast as the existing ones are releasing music. Benin City export, ZeXzy is set to debut his five-track EP, Na Who but has the vision to do so in a way that makes him stand out.  The singer/songwriter asserts that he is on a mission to be the new face of African music and the persona-defining EP, is his first step towards continental relevance.

In familiarising his potential listeners with the EP’s content, ZeXzy shares a summary of each track. Titular, Na Who, is a song that talks about his personality and all that his brand encompasses. This will be followed by, My Mind, a soulful love song that launches listeners into ZeXzy’s more flexible side, driven by sentiments and his reaction to it.

Obodo Oyibo, the next track, which when translated means ‘White man’s land’ chronicles the story of friends who were once close but later drifted apart. On this one, ZeXzy is still neck-deep in sentiments but a different aspect that casts him in the light of a vulnerable human.

ZeXzy does want to show off his range on Na Who, so, he leverages his encompassing abilities on the last two tracks. Reaching into his rhythmic side on Middle Finger, a hip hop song that X-rays the sufferings he had to go through to get to where he is today and the earlier released, Troway, a feel-good song he wrote in the thick of his depression after he lost his voice.

In January 2021, ZeXzy worked alongside Unlimited LA to do justice to the music video for Troway which has been labeled a masterpiece by music pundits. The video which has garnered more than a million views has set the pace for Na Who and places ZeXzy on a high pedestal. With the EP looming on the horizon, it’s no doubt ZeXzy is well on his way to achieving his goals.

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