PsychoYP And Eeskay Join Zilla Oaks On Bass Heavy Petition ‘Follow Me Reason’

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Zilla Oaks is one of the many members of Abuja’s eclectic group of Hip hop geniuses, Apex Village and this, coupled with his ear for sonic royalty, might very well be the reason he embodies the phrase ‘real recognize real’ each time he releases a song. His latest, Follow Me Reason, a punchline rife cut capitalizes on the abundance of talent present on the single and speaks directly to Zilla’s penchant for impressive collectives. 

Produced by Jaylon, Follow Me Reason leans on Zilla’s punchline predisposition, Psycho YP’s lyrical dexterity, and Eeskay’s easy flow. With these qualities, the trio spins their romance-themed narrative in multiple ways, making it an edgy, bass-heavy and at the same time corny rave starter one can only expect from this kind of set-up.