Zilla Oaks Colors His Remorse On Bass Heavy ‘Yuu’

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Nigerian rappers might be bound to the rhyme and reason structure of Hip hop but stories are definitely not a constraint in their books and they never fail to throw it down each time they handle their mics, some impressively, others not so much. Abuja-based rapper, Zilla Oaks belongs to the former group, just as premium as his punchlines so are his stories, accompanied by a penchant to not just entertain but make meaning. His bass-heavy latest, Yuu, is a product of his need to impress.

Produced by Sktch, Yuu is characteristically a Hip hop love song, by turns energetic and entertaining and this manifold is a result of the resonant bass serving as a pedestal for Oak’s entreating lyrics. His demeanor might be remorseful, as he mourns long lost love in his smooth-sounding baritone vocals but his delivery diverges but despite the variations, nothing about Yuu is conforming and this speaks to its sprightliness.


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