We have a long way to go, on the African continent, in awarding women their agency and allowing them decide their career paths, however, the decision to go into adult dancing is most often as a result of a need to make ends meet. In the video for Cassper Nyovest’s Push Through The Pain off his 2017 Thuto album, he taps the storyline of a young adult dancer who while conflicted with the job she does, continues to do so to guarantee she can take care of her ailing father. During the day, she’s a student and at night, she does whatever she must to make sure she can provide for the days to come. She also uses drugs to help her push through the pain while she must deal with her body being taken advantage of by men who feel entitled to her because of the job she does.

Cassper Nyovest builds on his recently released Ksazobalit video and continues to tackle relevant subjects through his art. With Push Through the Pain he touches on rape culture and patriarchy while giving asserting the importance of allowing women have their agency