Every week, we shall bring you a list of articles which we find interesting and relevant.

Find below,

1) Former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar is proof that social media is a great tool at reinventing oneself and challenging perceptions. Dele Momodu in his Thisday column argues rationally that Atiku’s ultimate ambition to be President might just be realized in the 2015 elections. It also does a good job in shining the light on the history of the man.

2) Twitter, by virtue of the anonymity it allows has been a fertile ground for discrimination. Racism, Sexism… Take your pick. James Masters of the CNN asks an important question: Why do internet trolls target women?

3) Do ‘nice guys’ actually exist? Or do they just hide behind that as a way to get girls and then show their true colours when they don’t get their way? Read this and then make up your mind.

4) Footballer, Nicolas Anelka has been in the news, a lot as of late after he performed the Anti Semite gesture, the quenelle. Richard Williams of the Guardian digs into research he carried out fifteen years ago and paints a vivid picture of the resentment felt by a generation of poor immigrant kids

5) Shrove Tuesday. Ash Wednesday. Lent begins. Graeme Archer asks: What is the point of Lent and giving stuff up?