Since his breakout single, Akube, last year, Dotman has released relatively decent tracks but ultimately failed to hit the charts in similar fashion to Akube. He has gone on to release tracks like Escobar and My Woman and on his latest collaboration, Afro Girl featuring Mr. Eazi and produced by Simba Tagz and Mr. Kamera, he continues on the topic of women. As the name probably gives away, the song is about our wonderfully and fearfully made African ladies (particularly Ugandan and Zimbabwean).

The video, shot and directed by Teekay stayed true to the title of the song as it serves an adequate amount of melanin. Uganda’s Sheebah Karungi and the other African Queens are responsible for this sauce.

Dotman and Eazi who went on tour in the UK together earlier in the year are considered controversial people as the video begins and we see a father warn his daughter to stay away from them. A day on the streets of London with Dotman showing his intentions are clean while his girl’s father spies on him is enough to clear the controversy and earn his blessings.

Watch the video below