2017 was a relatively quiet year for Mr Eazi. After his 2016 breakout, he dropped his Life is Eazi Vol. 1: Accra to Lagos tape and proceeded to tour the world. It seemed his focus and strategy lay on strengthening his standing structurally without releasing music being the centre point.  He was able to secure a placement as Apple Music’s Up Next Artist in June.  Things finally got interesting when he dropped the last quarter hit, Pour Me Water. 

He’s the latest feature of Genius’ Verified web segment which features artists decoding and explaining the creative process and the lyrical content of their hit songs. Here, he peels the layers back on the E Kelly produced Pour Me Water describing it as being essentially, a wake up call for a still infatuated lover struggling to come to grips with a break up. It’s quite the interesting explanation considering the perception that it was widely regarded as being some form of sexual innuendo.

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