The Soundcloud revolution that churned out a slew of young artistes who turned to the cutting edge service to give them a chance to share their sounds with the world, is one we do not appreciate and talk about enough. Sometime in 2014/15/16, a wave of artistes wielding eclectic sounds rolled on to the music scene albeit only known by a certain class of ‘sound hunters’. These sounds formed the collective of music that up until a year ago was branded as ‘New Age’.

This wave brought us artistes like Ayüü of the SAFI collective. Although he had previously put out music on Soundcloud, he did not properly break in till his ornate feature in Lady Donli’s Alice put him on our radars. This awareness coupled with his love for music inspired the release of more ground breaking singles like Murderer; an evergreen record released a year ago and 2 back to back EPs. Even with all these, the young artiste still seems to be testing the waters by not going beyond Extended Plays that  still prove beyond reasonable doubt he is indeed packing heat.

This month, he fulfils his trusty duty of reminding us why in a few years if he keeps pushing, he’ll be relevant beyond the blogosphere with an EP titled Mango Juice And Bad Decisions; a colorful body of work underlining his growth.

From the moment you hear the first few notes of the synthesized keys introducing the 4-track EP with the first track; Nostalgia assisted by Andre Wolff, losing yourself to the carressing quality of Ayüü’s vocals is inevitable and this phenomenon is not track specific but lasts throughout the entire EP, carrying with it his signature tranquil experimental vibes. Unlike prior releases laid out on more sober notes, Mango Juice And Bad Decisions features more catchy rhythmic tracks to bop along to. It really does seem like Ayüü has now fully transitioned and taken flight as an artiste comfortable in any skin and this might be nut that cracks an onslaught of more serious projects.

Ayüü proves to be a lot of things in this EP; an undaunting artiste who will go to any length to achieve the perfect sound as evidenced in his fusion of unlikely instrumentals, an Explorer, alluded in the way he travels between genres in the 4 tracks, one who’s comfortable with sharing the spotlight with others, evidenced in the variety of features in the EP among others. Ayüü’s growth is impressive and as stated earlier, it seems as though he’s fully ready to break in and if his track record is an indication of what’s coming in he future, we’ll be definitely be waiting to receive more offerings with open arms.

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