That’s a first. We all remember the Moonlight and La La Land snafu at the Oscar’s last year. While that was slightly understandable, the Headies have taken the farcical nature of awards show a notch higher by taking the time to draw up its list of nominees, announcing them to the public then withdrawing aforesaid nominations after. Find the statement released

The Headies secretariat officially write to correct the following nominations which were given in error and are corrected as follows – ”Virtuous Woman’‘ by Flavour was produced by Cobhams not Mastakraft and Selebobo produced ”Rara”, not Tekno.

– ”Tonight” by Nonso Amadi was removed from ‘Best RnB Single’ and ‘Best Vocal Performance (Male)’ categories because it was released before the period under review.

– Mastakraft‘s nomination for Best Producer is ”Yawa” and ”Augment”, while Cobhams is nominated for ”Butterflies” and ”Virtuous Woman”.

We apologize for the misinformation.

The awards industry complex is one that bears a lot of attention across the world. The awards serve as an opportunity to honor acts who have stood out over the time in review. That said, they are also criticized for what is generally creating a hierarchical system out of what are really, subjective viewpoints. Awards hold some value as they are key marketing tools for talent. Thus, it’s extremely irrepsonsible on the part of the award organizers to lure the artists into a sense of security before hitting them with that “Oops. We made a mistake”. Apologies are not enough. This also raises an important question about the awards we have in Nigeria and their credibility when they can be so undermined by clerical issues. We need new awards.