Yemi Alade stays true to self on double drop; Oga and Open, Close

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Yemi Alade Articulates Her Feelings Clearly On New Single, How I Feel

Yemi Alade keeps rising to the challenge that tries to sink the strength of her artistry which a myriad of Nigerians sneer at because her lyricism is perceived as weak and loose and also as a result of the constantly recycled narratives told in her songs. The Afropop Queen has been relentless in her pursuit of success this year which has resulted in the release of a slew of hit records this year; the latter part being rife with such releases.

Fairly fresh off her collaboration with Flavour, Yemi Alade reinforces her presence with two new songs this week; Open, Close and Oga which comes with a lyric video that doesn’t dispel but validates the weakness of her lyricism.

On both tracks, we hear a fairly different style of Afrobeat that is remniscent of Fela Anikulapo-Kutis’; one that is deemed the true sound of Afrobeat. While both tracks span the range of her usual narratives and soundscapes which is most likely a result of her collaboration with Edgarboi; her hit-producer, she stylizes both with heavy instrumentals and signature drumming though similar to their previous offerings but different in the way that they are electrifying and upended with her signature smooth vocals that add to the groovy vibes.


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