11 Nigerian Artists With Unforgettable Signature Looks

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A signature look wields the power to make a spectacular first impression on your audience and set you apart from other artists. While most of our celebrities like to entirely spice up their look frequently, the rest chose one style and maintain it devotedly. Those who discover their ideal signature look, understand it to the T, keeping their looks on-brand every time. We commemorate a few of our favourites, both past and current. From Lagbaja’s constant Ankara ski mask to Ruger’s eye patch, our celebrities fancy a good signature style accessory, so here are our picks:

Lagbaja (Native ski mask and ankara)

Before Rema and his ski mask, we had Lagbaja. His captivating music and various interesting masquerade look kept us on our toes and yearning to see the genius behind the mask. Rocking an Ankara frilled-ski mask, native two-piece and his saxophone, Lagbaja serenaded us with hits like Koko below, Never far away, Gra gra, Suuru Lere and Nothing for you. Years later, he still stands out for his distinct signature look.

Naeto C (Traditional hat)

Naeto C hit the ground running with Kini Big Deal and quickly stood out for several reasons. He was the only MC with an MSC, as he always reminded us, dropping limitless hits like10 over 10 and popular slang like “Yes Boss” that remain ingrained in our pop culture. Away from the cool music, he was a trendsetter on the fashion scene with his indisputable stylish looks. Hats were his thing as we saw him in a trilby (narrow-brimmed type of hat), fila (traditional Yoruba cap), but it is his re-invention of the hula – the traditional Hausa cap, that became one of his signature looks. Before Naeto C, hulas only went with traditional garb for men but the rapper rebranded the hat and gave it a contemporary feel that went with everything from tees and jeans to gowns.

Sunglasses, tuxedos or business suits, telltale T-shirts inscribed with slangs from his songs were also a huge part of Naeto C’s style. His general laid back swag was quickly adopted by everyone trying to be as cool.

Rema (Ski mask and a teddy bear)

He came into the game in 2019 like a thief in the night wearing a knitted ski mask and holding a teddy bear which he referred to as his best friend in a Twitter rant. Under this identity, Rema released hits like Ginger me, Bad Commando and Dumebi. He chopped his dreadlocks off in 2020 as a tribute to the EndSARS movement and seems to be growing them back. 

Don Jazzy (Walking stick)

Producing most of Mohits and Mavin early hits, Don Jazzy made boss-like cameo appearances with his ornamented walking stick in their visuals. The walking stick, which was not just reserved for video shoots, quickly became his signature look as it followed him everywhere. The walking stick matched his identity as the “Don” that he is. Over the years, Don jazzy ditched his walking sticks to rebrand and he is now focused on managing young Mavin signees.

Ruger (Eye patch)

His eye patch raised eyebrows and questions when he burst onto the scene in 2021. Ruger revealed in an interview that he wears the eyepatch out of respect for someone. His pink hair is also another signature look that adds to his Ruger-flare. Not sure if the colour of his hair will change soon but it seems like his eye patch is here to stay.

Falz (Empty glasses frames)

Falz started off wearing regular glasses before transitioning to lensless glasses that birthed a fashion trend that saw many young Nigerians wearing glasses with nothing in them. He has been consistent with the lensless glasses to date even while evolving sonically.

Wurld (Blue hair)

Rocking blue hair since his debut, Wurld has maintained his go-to hair colour without giving up versatility. He claims his blue hair is his natural hair colour since he became born again. It is unclear if he will ever go back to his hair colour before he became born again or switch it up from blue to a different colour.

DJ Cuppy (Pink hair/pink everything)

To copy this hue, press Pink. There is a possibility you’ll probably never find Cuppy out and about without her signature pink hair. Cuppy has covered a world of pink from her hair to her interior decor and her Porsche. There is definitely more up her wig.

Mr Eazi (straw hat)

Straw hat season was upon us between 2015 and 2016 where Mr Eazi gave us back-to-back hits; Dance for me, Hollup, Skin tight and Leg Over to name a few. Mr Eazi may have ditched his straw hat over time but the straw hat is making a comeback with the alte and streetwear crowd.

Yemi Alade (PAN African look)

At this point, we know Yemi Alade is all African when it comes to style. She carves out interesting ensembles from her hairstyle to her Ankara and the African embodiment transcends to her music-it’s beautiful to see. She is not going to stop representing Africa anytime soon.

Zlatan Ibile (Green hair)

His howling adlibs and dance styles were not the only elements about Zlatan that fascinated us. His hair colour, similar to a lawn tennis ball, was welcomed with mixed reactions. It was not the regular blonde hair colour we see every day, and with time, Nigerians warmed up to his look and started rocking green hair.