Adhnok Makes A Smooth Introduction With Immersive Debut ‘Twisted’

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The music scene in Lagos, Nigeria with its well of eclectic talents who are all pioneers in their own rights, is the gift that keeps on giving at the moment. And now, 20-year-old Adhnok who is growing up, right in the middle of a sonic overturn is the latest artist on the turf to challenge norms and contribute to the blissful variety we’re currently enjoying by way of his heady debut, Twisted.

Just like he is swirling in creativity coupled with volatile emotions, so are his psychotropic words swimming in Bloatedfaith’s synth-pop and percussion overload tinged with hints of emo-trap, influenced by Adhnok’s rhythmic articulation. He takes things further with a Genio and SniperSan feature that both speaks to the quality of his affiliations and his ear for fusible blends.

Unsurprisingly, Adhnok’s disposition on Twisted is impressive and not just because of his influences but his own creative direction. With this single, he has landed on the right foot and one can only expect an assortment going forward, with the range displayed.

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