Ajebutter22 Makes A Braggadocious Return with ‘Big Man Talking’

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Ajebutter22’s artistry is rooted in his charming ability to loosely and sometimes comically articulate relatable lyrics in a sound akin to UK’s new Afroswing style. This method of delivery has served him for years and even as he gradually steps out of his comfort zone which is encapsulated by love songs, he retains this charming style. On his latest, Big Man Talking, he immerses himself in this slapdash but engaging mode of delivery his listeners have come to love.

With soft grime leaning instrumental produced by Que, Ajebutter22 charges towards his opponents with a barrage of lyrics that act as a bridge between himself and those he considers beneath him. “They can’t see the vision, they need Specsavers, talking shit like they need lifesavers“, he goes on and on in this direction, wielding his punchlines as a double-edged sword with one side aimed at his haters and the other, at his competitors, all while he seeks to up his status.


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